Any doubts on Windows 10: How to cancel reserved upgrade


Just found this and shared it on MS community forums page, as there are more then a few out there that are gun shy. If Windows 7 will receive the monthly updates, that YOU control. This option to select which ones or when is lost, you have no choice with Windows 10. Plus I dont want a smart phone / desktop gadget, just a computer. This will prevent the 3Gigi auto-download from just sitting there waiting for you to apprehensively install…!!! PUSH THE BUTTON…
So with Win 7 support till mid-July 2020 I am happy where I am at!! Plus with Iran now having Nukes…my monthly Windows updated are not really that important anymore…GOOD LUCK!!!


uninstall Windows v7/8.1 update KB3035583 (and tag to hide for further updates) and you’re fine.


But why is Microsoft so kean on getting everyone OFF of Windows 7 and 8 ?

App revenue ? Ad revenue in apps ?


the ‘bigger is better’ attitude :wink:

but probably binding the user to their services and the Windows license to one dedicated system (UEFI wise).


Just received this in response an hour ago also… they said they will maintain Win 7 till mid~July 2020. So… I like the plain Jane factor of Win 7 and with the conditions in Syria and Iran having nukes. My monthly Windows Security Update in really not that pressing, if you know what I mean!! Time to model a fallout shelter…Peace…


don’t panic!

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