Any better short cut menus out there that's thought out better

any better short cut menus out there that’s thought out better and more detailed I had one at one time and when I transferred my data to a new PC it just got lost

Could you please add some more words to your question? Right now it makes no sense

I at one time found a short cuts download menu that was really well thought out, like R for radius M for tape measure. it was a selection of about 20 items that someone had compiled and it was downloadable for install

“R for Radius”? What is that? There is no “radius” command. What about rectangles? If you use “r” for the mysterious “radius” command, what do you use for the Rectangle tool?


There are at least 20 already defined by default for Sketchup.

Checkout this thread I started today and has some great resources including a Quick Reference card full of the default keyboard shortcuts that you can save or print out.

Complete List of Keyboard Shortcuts

Thanks but what I had found years ago was a download that had approx 30 really well thought out short cuts and all I had to do was install it.

Well when you do find the list or script, please return and share it with us all.

one other item I am trying to obtain is a picture of interior polished exposed aggregate floor that I can expand to show as a flooring option . I’ve looked all over and all the pics seem to have a glossed view to them and they won’t work for me.

It sounds like ronr1066 is referring to importing another SU user’s Preferences.dat file.

Be mindful of what you import.
Preferences.dat may contain only Shortcuts, only File Locations or it may contain both.

If you import another user’s Preferences.dat file and you don’t like the shortcut settings, then resetting shortcuts to their defaults is as easy as clicking the Reset All button.

However, if you import another user’s Preferences.dat file which contains File Locations there will be unexpected consequences.
Obviously, another user’s file paths do not exist on your system.

Before importing someone else’s Preferences.dat file it would be wise to save your existing shortcuts and file location preferences by exporting your own Preferences.dat file.

Then, before you import someone else’s Preferences.dat file it would be smart have a close look at what’s inside.
Preferences.dat is a human readable ASCII text file.
Simply change the file extension to *.txt and open it with Notepad or other ASCII text editor.


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One of the things that SU cannot do is produce specular effects–things like reflections, highlights, shines, sparkles, and so forth. SU shows shade and cast shadows, and all faces are effectively a matte, non-reflective finish.

Your best choice for a repeating or seamless-tiling texture is a vendor’s samples of his patterns, because these are straight-on images without aerial distortion or lighting effects like reflections, shines, or highlights.

If you absolutely require a shiney floor, you probably need to use a single photograph stretched to fit the area. That sounds like a hard photo to find, and a tricky job to get it to sit right and not look strange from some angles.


I was hoping as popular as polished exposed aggregates floors are these days that there might be something somewhere. I’d be more than willing to pay for it, if it was reasonably priced. I took some photos and imported them and tried to expand them and all I got was a tiled look which is not acceptable for my application. What I am trying to accomplish is to use it as a whole home floor system visual effect so it really needs to look seamless. So I have had to settle for using the sketchup
stone vein gray as a substitute.

Are you still looking for the floor textures? do you have an example file of the look you are trying to achieve?
i have many good seamless textures i could possibly share if you still need them.