Anti Aliasing features


I am preparing 3D models for small and medium houses but I am trying to avoid going to render to speed up the delivery of the models, and mostly to show several scenes, and to allow the customer to walk through the house on his way.
I will have to purchase a new PC,fully dedicated to SU, and the most important feature, with the possibility of improving the AA much over 4x.
Can you inform the ideal config of such a new PC - I am presently running SU Pro 64 bits on Window8.1 - Intel i7-3630QM - CPU @ 2.40 GHz 2.40 GHz - 16,0 Go RAM with NVIDIA GEForce GT 630M - 2 GB on Laptop HP Envy dv7.
Or eventually, how to improve my actual AA performance over 4x on my laptop.

Many thanks in advance for your help, Jipi

I am afraid that 4x might be about the best Sketchup can do, and, if higher would be available, the improvement wouldn’t be that big. Overall, the AA in SketchUp isn’t that great. Traditionally, best looking output from SketchUp can be got by exporting images at a higher resolution than needed, with AA off, and then downsampling the image in an image editor. When downsampling, Photoshop does much better antialiasing than SketchUp.


As @Anssi pointed out, AA in SketchUp is limited. For image exporting, you will likely be relying on Layout or a file export, anyway. As you can export vector data, you can get nice crisp lines on your output without having to render.

Hi Anssi,

Thanks for your reply, I will follow your suggestion.


Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your comment. I will check how it works, but what about animation and walking through…??


Like @Anssi mentioned, 4x is all that you will be able to display in SketchUp, be it a still image or animation.

OK, thanks a lot, Aaron