Another SU for Free?

Really disappointed that SU team seems to concentrate on free SU when we professionals have to pay a annual fee and see no updates or improves for what seems a very long time.

All I can say is thank goodness for the creative plugin developers without them SU would be so less a better programme.

When are we seeing a SU pro update?

Every year?

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Well this year is nearly gone and no news or updates, there are many things that could be improved to make SU far more awesome, but they are so slow at doing this. The team want SU to be a greater industry standard then there are many many improvements in thing like Layout. Look SU and LO are great programmes I have been using SU since 2003 and have seem many changes but soooooo…slow at this happening. SU team need more funds no doubt, so why are they not looking after the very people providing them with money.

Don’t make sense to me?

You should count the mentioned plugin developers, in my opinion a lot of them started with the free version and without it, they probably wouldn’t had been able to create those great plugins the Pros benefit from too. Or the great user community, what would the forums be without the free users helping others (Pros too) for free too…

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We typically do our annual releases in November, at least we have for the last few years. One of the most exciting things about launching my.SketchUp in the cloud is that we’re able to launch new versions much faster than we can turn the crank for a big desktop client release like SketchUp Pro and LayOut.


Cotty don’t get me wrong please, I agree a free version is great for the newbies, and trust me I have put many people onto SU but the team have now spent time developing another free online service now.

Was that necessary really to have a online version?

Mate, I work on SU and LO everyday as a designer and I see all the time many improvements that could be done and yet the team resources seem very slow on PRO version as to make another FREE version thats what I am saying.

I feel that a FREE version is great to get people on board, but when some may go PRO this also needs to be an improved version when people hand over the hard earn cash.

Anyway I love SU and what it is, but just don’t neglect the paying customers thats all, I am happy to pay for a continuing service but I expect improves for my money, thats why I pay each year.

John thats the news I want to hear!!!

But it isn’t November yet…

As a plugin developer I can see a lot of effort being put down by the SketchUp team in improving the API to make it easier for us to create plugins. I know these under the hood changes aren’t as glamorous to the end user as the solid tools or dynamic components but in the end I think they really benefits end users just as much, if not more.


But are you argueing that Sketchup release cycle is slow, or that sketchup’s releases don’t offer enough features?

I’ve read both arguments and both have valid points, but I’ve also seen a lot of changes that are positive, specially on Layout and on Sketchup backstage/core/plugin support.

My feeling is that there are deep rebuilds undergoing sketchup base software structure, My.Sketchup is a great part of that rebuilding and probably after that is achieved new features will be easier to release.

That’s what I believe, but also what I wish.

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Typically on-line versions of programs have been done that way in order to tie people into subscription type services. This is more profitable than selling a program that people own and can use as long as they want, without having to pay for upgrades if they don’t want to.