Another speaker box

I have made this design for tweeters to attach to my front pillar in my car. the angles are correct but I keep getting errors printing. I’m looking for a more efficient design ideas… I like the individual raised projection off the circle so I didn’t want to make a traditional cone.

Two main issues, the cone portion is filled and I am not sure how to prevent that, I think all components have walls and thickness in and out.
Next is where cone connects to the wall, I am not sure this is the correct way to do that at all. I had to add thickness to my wall due to the cone projections going through to their connection point.

Thanks for any help!
tweeter box abstract ver 1.skp (235.8 KB)

When you say you keep getting errors printing, I assume you mean when you send this to a slicer for a 3D printer?

By “the cone portion is filled” I assume you mean where it intersects the curved box? You need to use Intersect Faces to create the edges where the two parts meet and then erase the excess geometry left over.

You should use Solid Inspector 2 to check why your model isn’t a SketchUp solid. It has a hole in one edge of the wall (“surface borders”) and lots of internal face edges created by the fins inside. Most slicers won’t accept a model that isn’t a solid.

Because of its size, you may run into problems with SketchUp failing to create small edges. Scale the model up before editing to avoid this. If you make the Group a Component, you can use the “Dave method” (search the forum - lots of examples) to avoid small edge problems.

So I think there is progress. I made the wall and the cone their own components. Then I moved the cone component into the wall where I want them intersected, works great! But then when I try to delete the excess lines on the back of the wall my cone disappears. Think I am missing something very simple here…

tweeter box abstract ver 1.skp (395.2 KB)

Do I have to go in on the backside (where I want to delete lines) and connect the faces then delete?