Another Login / Deauthorization Issues 2022 and 2024

Another login issue on Mac.

I’m trying to keep 2022 and 2024 logged in and working on my desktop. I get the following error in 2022 if I log into 2024 first:

And then in 2024 if I log into 2022 first:

If I then log into 2024 it seems to re-set 2022 and I cannot open more than 1 file. And get this again.

So I just went through and de-authorized via Trimble.
Revoked the old school classic licenses of 2018 and 2019 on my laptop.
Made sure I was logged out of 22 on the laptop.
Discarded the files in Application Support (login_session.dat)
Went back to Trimble Account Management and De-authorized everything again…

I get the same results as above.

Not sure what is going on here, but it seems I cannot have more than 1 version running on my desktop (and my laptop now only has 2022, but I have signed out of it, then deauthorized everything).

Thankfully I can work in either version, I just have to do the sign in dance should I switch back and forth, but it would be good to get this fixed or made easier.

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