Another 2023 Gripe

Every time I start my Laptop…

Class? Anyone?

You installed the Vray and other options. They do open those Command Prompt windows. I’m not fully sure why they do that, but I think it’s to do with connecting to their servers.

If you close them, does anything stop working, or do they come back next time?

@olivia_feng alerting you because this is something that could annoy many users.

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It doesn’t appear to stop anything…That I’ve noticed anyway.

So far, they appear every time I start my laptop. First thing that appears.


Edit: Just tried again, and they’re both still popping up straight away…

This is just how Windows 11 handles terminal windows, most Chaos products have done this if you have upgraded to Win11.
V-Ray loads a couple of things which use them.

To change the W11 behaviour

Or if you don’t use v-ray , uninstall it

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Weird how it’s just started with the update to '23…

Another thing I’ve just noticed. the ‘Dimension’ box when drawing a rectangle isn’t big enough to show both dims…

Afaik It’s got nothing to do with SketchUp 2023 (unless you ticked the option to install v-ray in the studio installer) , it’s a v-ray/chaos specific thing that predates SketchUp studio.

Installing studio causes v-ray to uninstall / be updated depending on whether you ticked it, so it may be that reinstalling v-ray sets this setting to a newer one (or a recent win11 update has coincidentally come through and shown it for you)

The unified sign on software can also have it.

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This is a thing I have been signalling since a long time ago. With todays large screen, I cannot understand why they cannot make this box wider.

Even better, it should be resizable as long as it doesn’t interfere with the Status bar and even that should not be a problem since, in many occasion, the Status bar is not wide enough to contains all the text that it proposes. Why not use two line for this Status Bar?

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Just realised that you have the Dimension Toolbar enabled - I don’t have this issue.


also - the curl.exe (something MS did about 18 months ago) runs whenever you have UI using networking. it’s a very quick popup command window.

I think they changed the default behavior, it often ends up opening in powershell and it sits there until manually closed.

I jure the Dimension Window at its default position, in the lower right corner of the modelling window.

Sometimes, it is not wide enough. For example, if I want to scale an object in the 3 dimensions by typing exact dimensions, I can enter the numbers but when completing the entry, the first characters are not visible. As an example, typing 120’11 3/4;150’10 1/2; 178’11 5/16 shows this behaviour.

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