Animation from image set

What is the purpose of ‘export as: image set’ feature?
I know that videos consist of set of images played quickly, but what we can do with the set of images? are they supposed to be imported into another program?


In lot’s of circumstances It’s preferable to work with frames rather than footage when making animations. This is most important if you are doing a lot of post production.

You get more control, no compression (depending on format), higher frame rate if needed and lots of other benefits.

Typically for work and for fun, I only render movie files as previews to check for bugs, my production ready material is always exported as an image sequence. Most video software will accept image sequences and then allow you lots of controls over the frames once they are imported.

If however you just want a direct export of the on screen animation, then exporting as footage is no problem.

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it’s also useful when your not sure which views to capture for a presentation…

you grab all of them and then review as ‘stills’ and choose…

you may know which you want, but does the boss…


Oh, didn’t know about that ‘It’s preferable to work with frames’, but makes sense, thanks. I suppose you do the editing of this kind in After Effects (for example)?

oy, boy, but there are hundreds of them :rofl:

Yes mainly I use After Effects, and a lot of images exported, sometimes around 3.6k images per minute, that many wont make it into the final cut. I always export at 60fps even though I only output at 24-30fps. However outputting at a higher rate gives you control over speeding up and slowing down parts of the animation without running into issues.

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