Animation Format for Mac

What format is best to export to out of sketchup? I am trying to create a loop from 15 scenes. I exported the scenes for animation and .AVI but when I try to play with default quicktime player it says it is not compatible. In more details it shows that .AVI is compatible for QT player.

Any ideas of what I am doing wrong? I want to send to client to view loop which will be used later for presentation.

export to .mp4 on mac… it will play with quicktime and the file will have a thumbnail/quicklook capabilities…

to play .avi on mac, the easiest way is to use VLC:

Thanks Jeff! It looks great. How does this affect my ability to send to PC users? Do I need to include AVI?

I don’t know for sure. I assume windows can play .mp4 natively but someone else with windows experience is going to have to chime in.

oh, right… chances are slimmer for the people knowing this answer to open the thread in the first place :wink:

@Box @Cotty
do .mp4 animation exports from sketchup play ok on windows or do they require additional software other than what’s included in Windows?

That is a slightly awkward question, a direct mp4 output from SU most definitely plays in windows media player on my PC. But that may not be true for all, I do tend to tweak my systems and may have added something at some stage to make it appear to work natively. Generally I normally use VLC anyway.
Bit I’ll add an mp4 made on a PC for people to download and test if that helps any.
Seems the forum won’t take MP4 so I zipped it. (2.8 MB)

that’s a cool model… is it something you made?

(plays fine in quicktime/vlc but i’m not the right person to be trying it since i don’t have windows here)

No, it was just the first thing on featured models in the 3dWarehouse. Looked nice so grabbed it. Gave it a couple of quick scenes and exported the vid to check.
Here’s the link, it is well put together.

right :wink:

Same answer here.