Animation failure

I’m sure the solution is simple. I’m trying to create an animation using a “building blocks” approach by creating individual scenes that are ordered specifically and each contain a new added component. However every one of the scenes looks just like the last and final scene. Ideas for how I should approach this to get the desired result?

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You need to create tags to apply to the “building blocks” you are adding. Then control the visibility of the blocks for each scene. So three blocks. Tags: Block A, Block B, and Block C. Each of the building block components is given one of those tags. Then in Scene 1, only Block A tag is visible. For Scene 2, Block A and Block B tags visible, and for Scene 3, all three block tags are visible.

Think of a scene as a camera position. Each scene is a different camera even if they are in the exact same location. Those cameras will show what is present in the scene so if you add or move objects, all the cameras will see that. Tags allow you to determine which objects are seen be a particular camera/scene.

Here’s an example from a file I did for an animation. This shows three objects visible each with a different tag and in a different color. In my case they are instances of the same component but they could as easily be your building blocks.

Only one of the tags is visible in any given scene and this is the resulting animation.

Click on the picture to make it go.


Thank you very much, Dave.

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…and by the way, your suggestion worked perfectly. Thanks again.

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Happy to hear it. You’re quite welcome.