Animating a Gun?

so ive made a bolt action rifle that i want to use in a game,how do i animate the bolt on it?
is this even possible?or will i need a another peaice of software?

SketchUp is a great platform to export into other animation softwares, such as Maya.

Have you checked out Scenes? It can allow you to make “scenes” so when you play them all it can “animate” what you designed. Check out this video to learn more.

SketchUp is used by gamers all the time, we have some cool examples here, on how gamers have used SketchUp in the past.

Thanks, AlexB

If you have Sketchup Pro, you can make dynamic components with onClick behaviors that move the action of the rifle.

[Besides that we probably don’t promote violence or the promotion of violence] SketchUp is primarily a modeler to create geometry of any kind. The models that you see in games usually get their animation added afterwards, either by editing and rigging in a separate program or through the game engine itself. So you would import the object and the bolt into the game engine, assign their roles and the game engine would display the pre-programmed animation using your models instead of default ones.

If you want to export your game assets to another format (like .obj or .dae), SketchUp-specific features like scene animations or dynamic components would not be exported, so unfortunately they wouldn’t help.

(But it’s possible to create games purely in SketchUp: SketchUp’s genius Scott once created the Knight game for Google IO: Google I/O 2008 - Advanced Ruby Scripting for Sketchup - YouTube)