Animated component moves small offset 1st for no reason, requires extra click, returns to wrong position

In the DC parameters, I simply have: ANIMATE(“Y”,0,-45)

Expected behavior: on 1st click, the object moves forward 45 cm; on 2nd click, returns to starting point.

Actual behavior, on 1st click, the object moves ~1 inch; on 2nd click, moves the right distance (but now to the wrong end position because of that initial 1" offset); on 3rd click, returns to wrong position and is now sticking through a wall.

What am I missing?

Initial position (note the guideline for emphasis):

1st click - moves 2cm for some reason I can’t figure out:

2nd click - moves out to the wrong position (45 cm + 2cm):

Returns to the wrong position (0 + 2cm), sticks through the door, annoys me:

Deleting the line “Y | 2.029cm” doesn’t work - it comes right back on the next click.
I know this is something stupid & obvious, but I can’t seem to notice it.

Sticks through the door:

upload model

amimate(“y”, 2.029, 2.029-45)

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