Angled Text Texture for some tape:

Need some help. Trying to make a texture using text that needs to be diagonal. Not sure how to cut it up so it tiles correctly.

Here’s the usage context:

PNG of the text if you want to mess with it.

SVG of the text if you REALLY want to mess with it.

Something along these lines?

I cropped the image like this:

Then imported it as a texture and rotated it on the face.

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That is, indeed, exactly what I was going for. I had already thought to rotate the texture on the face, but what I am really going for is to be able to apply the texture to a whole group, and it is angled already. Can the rotation of a texture be applied to a group? I would rather not have to go and rotate every instance of the texture on the tape.

You could rotate it in an image editor before creating the texture…

Once you’ve applied the texture to the first face and rotated it, you can sample it to apply to the other faces that need it. Don’t apply the texture to a group or component, though, or you won’t have any option to control the orientation of it.


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Gotcha, I have been trying to figure out how to cut it up in an image editor as you have suggested. Putting it on an angle and slicing it in such a way that it repeats correctly is really hurting my brain.

Another option would be to use Make Unique Texture right right clicking on the textured face after you’ve rotated it.

Probably not the right angle.

What did you have the width and height set at?

4 inches for the height but if you were going to use that image you can make it whatever height it needs to be. The length will take care of itself.

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Thanks for that info. I appreciate your input on this, especially since this is more of a graphics art question than a SketchUp question.

To have the text on an angle and be cut in such a way so that it seamlessly repeats is quite a stumper.

If it needed to just repeat, that’s pretty easy, but because it’s on an angle…
Anyhow, the above gif explains what I’m trying to do…

You would need to make it long enough so when angled it repeats in the right place. I don’t think my image is long enough for that.

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I can kinda imagine what you’re saying, but actually doing it may have me sitting here with grey bags under my eyes and sparse ugly patches of hair on my head by the time I’m able to discover how to accomplish the task.

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Is your model about the tape? If not, it probably doesn’t need to be perfect.

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I think Dave’s make unique texture might be the answer here. When I need to do this I take that route, however first I make a 100’ x 100’ surface (something much bigger than I will ever need to paint). Then I apply the original texture, right click>texture. rotate it appropriately, then close and choose make a unique texture. This makes a new repeating texture at desired angle that I can paint anything with without worrying about the edges of the repeat being seen.

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Lol, no it’s not.

And I know it doesn’t I just wish it could be :confused:

Thank you very much for trying to help!

(Please Note: I’m not trying to be rude in any sense, I have said what I have said with sincerity. I had laughed at myself because I realized that I spent nearly an hour and a half trying to figure out this tape thing, and I feel silly now.)

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That sounds pretty neat. Me try…

Edit: Ends up looking like garbage:

Hmmm… curious. Usually works for me. perhaps 100’ is too large for this texture? Is your preferences>OpenGL> set to use maximum texture size? This can bloat files if you’re not careful. Let me try with your SVG

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I did not have that turned on. It turned out better but, still, completely illegible.

Yeah, I do see the degradation, I guess I tend to do larger image areas relative to the total size covered, and not such fine lines as this text, so it’s not been as bad. Perhaps the easiest workaround is to make the large surface and rotate that texture, then just leave that surface somewhere off on the side in your model, to sample when you want to. That will carry the rotation over into anything else you paint with full resolution.

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Having it strait will probably suit my needs:

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You can also use LayOut, insert the Image, create a clipping mask for what you need and rotate and arrange it so it will fit the width of the tape.

Then export or take a screenshot (Cmd + Shift + 4) and insert in SketchUp.

With ProfileBuilder, it’s also possible to select just an edge and make that a profile. It will create surfaces.
Because it is generally suppose to be a 3D solid, the image will be mirrored ( it hasn’t been updated to cope with the ‘butter-face-up’ change in SketchUp, I guess @whaat ?)
I usually just create some profile members and then start editing untill it is right.

wigluv.skp (328,5 KB)
wigluv tape.layout (113,8 KB)
For Z-fighting, the offset is 1 or 2 mm.

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