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How to use 3D Text and images in Android Studio for Create Application of Android, How to Sketchup help me to create 3D Design in Android .Plz send me the suitable way to implement this type of Design in Android App…Thanks

SketchUp only works on Windows and Mac platforms. There is a SketchUp VIEWER for Android (and iOS) but not for editing.

You may be asking the impossible, but I’m sorry, your English isn’t very clear about what you are trying to do.

I think he’s using Android Studio (on Windows probably) to develop Android Apps and he asks how he can include Sketchup designs on it (on his applications).

@Shaile, if that’s your question, I guess you need to know 3d formats Android studio supports, how to import them and then look for what kind of formats you can export from Sketchup, if you need a specific format (.extension file) not included on Sketchup you maybe need some plugin or even the PRO version, I don’t know.

Let us know what you need exactly and try asking again.

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Yes. I am using the Android Studio so i will try to use 3D formats in my Appsto make the effective text and Design…Thanks a lot

Sir, I Want to design My App very effective using Android Studio with the help of 3D text and Images if it will be possible such as…


I think you can get a better result with other programs for that purpose, as for example using gimp, there are tons of tutorials on internet about making buttons or 3D text.

If you still want to use SU (SketchUp) for that, try looking for something like “sketchup text tool” or “sketchup 3D text” on google.

Maybe other users can make better recommendations.

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