Anchors in layout


I am trying to understand how Anchoring works in Layout and how to work with them.
So for text all I’ve found is;

“Vertical anchoring: Text is anchored to the top, center, or bottom of a text box. To change the vertical text anchor, select the text and click the Anchor Top (default), Anchor Center, or Anchor Bottom button in the toolbar at the top of the Text Style panel’s Format tab. Or from the menu bar, select Text > Anchor and choose an option from the submenu that appears.”

This is rather vague and i am not sure how it effect the text and how best to use this function in a drawing.


No one can explain how these work or what they are about?


I’m not sure what is so vague. Otherwise I’d try to explain.

Have you experimented with different anchor settings?


Maybe this will help?

Text anchored to the top of the text box.

Text stays at the top of the text box with resizing.

Texted anchored in the center:

Text anchored at the bottom:


Anchors in general are not explained any where i’ve looked , but seam to control a lot of what we do. for instance if i move some text with a leader arrow the anchor/ arrow remains in the original start point, if i grab the arrow I can move the arrow and the text . this does not happen all the time with every text leader, just some.

Is there a way to control or turn on or off the anchor?

in the question above i stumbled across the buttons on the text style tab, tried them and saw no changes. aso I was curious and was looking for information on what they are suppose to do.


These buttons only control how text is anchored relative to the text box it is in. As I showed in my examples, it (allong with the justification settings allows you to control space around the text. If your text box fits the text tightly, you won’t see any change from one setting to the next.

This anchoring has nothing to do with the text box and its relationship to other entity in LO.

The buttons give you the control options that are available. Why would you need to turn it off?


That what I wanted to know for text, Thank you.
The other part is the question about the anchor and the leaders

if i move some text with a leader arrow the anchor/ arrow remains in the original start point, if i grab the arrow I can move the arrow and the text .


when i am moving a group of text some arrows in the group move others stay in the original position and I have to go back and move them individually.


Yes. This is by design. This gives you control over where the text box is relative to the arrowhead and it allows you to move the entire label with the arrow. You could even copy a label and its leader to use elsewhere in the model.


I guess i am looking for an indicator to let me know when it is applied to a leader and when it is not. some way to turn it off when i am moving a group and have everything in that group follow and not have to go back and move the stray leaders.

like I said it does not happen all the time just on some groups or text.


You should be able to tell when you attach the leader to the entity such as an element in a group or component. if you wanted the text to move with the group or viewport, select the text boxes too .


Thank you for the information.
I am trying to increase my understanding of Layout and how it functions and this helps a lot.


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