An SU Rival?

It looks like it’s aimed and games/VFX type stuff - for hard surface modelling.
Great if you are building robots and runs and spaceships, probably less useful for Architecture.


Yes, it does note its a solid and surface modeling programme for the video game industry & product design. The latter part ‘beyond’ is intriguing, but looks like it won’t be marketed at Architectural market !

I note some modeling programmes like this do cater for the Architectural market as well, such as Rhino+VisualARQ, Form-Z & Blender+add-on’s, but not too sure of their popularity.

I tried already, it’s a nice software but as someone said it’s not made for architecture, it could be a rival for blender or maya, the way of modeling is similar to those softwares, but it lacks of a feature like layout to make documentation, it could work for making some rendering, but blender Cycles feel more solid than the renderer from this software and it’s free, there’s nothing I could notice that can be a game changer, I don’t see blender users moving to this software or maya and C4D moving to this software instead of blender, I don’t think a rival for sketchup could appear soon, at least not at the affordable sketchup price.

FREE BIM for Everyone With Cype Architecture!

I recall looking at the general CYPE list of programmes years ago when it came out but didn’t look too deep as the pricing was very heady to say the least. However, I didn’t realise this Software was free & could integrate with SU files, whats the Catch ?

I listened to a podcast where they interviewed the person running the project and he said he wanted to make software like sketchup because he loved it.
Not only do they have that software but they also have Cype Layout which is almost identical to our Layout…
I don’t know if it will be legal to make such a similar software.
What is true is that in Spain most of the installations and structures are calculated with software from the same developer.

Hi rtches,
That’s even more amazing, I still don’t understand how both CYPE Architecture & Open BIM Layout programmes are free to use ! There must be a catch… :thinking:

The English version is below:-

The reason is that your models must be in their cloud system (BIM Server Center) which is not always free. You have a limited space.

Hi rtches,
That info isn’t very forthcoming that I could see, but found the below on the licensing use agreement:-

When using the program in a professional environment for a real project, the required permissions must be acquired in the user’s license to work with the program. For electronic licenses, please refer to the following link: “How to use electronic licenses in programs”.

Anyway, that aside, all looks very interesting on the video tutorials & it appears you can design/draw just like SU manually or with the parametric UI’s, so initially looks very flexible with lots of depth for Architectural use.

Mmmm… no, It can’t.
For a number of reasons.
And it’s not intended to be a rival to those.