An important option to a shortcut key is missing

I would like to have the option to assign ‘View/Edge Style/Endpoints’ to a shortcut key(-combination). FAIK this has not been possible in previous versions either.
(Edge-) extentions might be looking cool but I think modelers will benefit more from having a shortcut key to toggle endpoints on/off.

Many of the other edge style edit options are there in the preferences list, like:

  • Edges
  • Back Edges

  • Profiles
  • Depth Cue
  • Extentions

But one of the most important one to be able to spot errors while modeling is missing: Endpoints.
Please have the option available in the next version.




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I use the toggle endpoints plugin, so yes it makes sense that it is built in,


Hi Box, I hate not being able to write plugins, not even any basic ones. Only alter them maybe.
I only have a few plugins installed (I like doing things the basic way, i.e. with native tools, to explain using SketchUp to (new) users.)

So which one might that be, the one you mentioned?

@George, I thought you meant 20 characters for/in my post (I might have repeated my wish too much, … :mega:) till the coin dropped,… yada,yada,yada

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Occasionally I use TIG’s plugin, AddVertex+, which places a guide point at all vertices in a selection.
In many situations I find it has an advantage over turning on endpoints.
Primarily, it recognizes the segment endpoints of curved entities which endpoint rendering ignores.

It might be nice if rendering endpoints recognized the segment endpoints of curved entities too.

I feel uncomfortable giving an answer that will take you to the other forum, as I’m new here and don’t understand the protocols.
But I imagine you are able to type endpoint into the search function of … and see the one that is quite old but still happily toggles endpoints in 2015.

Also, Fredo’s Mark vertices tool does this with a shortcut key like alt-m


Thank you Box. Many have pointed to SketchUcation in the passed, including myself, And including SketchUp team members. But I’m ok with your answer, thank’s again.

George, you are right about endoints in a curve not being recognized. But on the other hand, how would you recognize a curve when endpoints is ‘on’.
Yes, TIG’s plugin (don’t know it though) could help.

It has number of options - at its simplest it will mark all vertices in a selection with a cpoint…
See the SketchUcation PluginStore RBZ item…

Thank you TIG, I’ll visit SketchUcation once more… although then I do have to download/install PluginStore first. Never did before.

You don’t have to download the SketchUcation Plugin Store Toolset.
Although doing so and installing its RBZ does offer you a cornucopia of delights…
Like installing Plugins whilst in SketchUp, Managing Plugins and Extensions, Unloading Plugins and lots more…

You can opt to simply download the RBZ from the PluginStore pages, then manually install that RBZ, using the native Preferences > Extensions > Install… button… OR The SketchUcation Archive Installer submenu item [which installs RBZ and ZIP archives]…

There is much to gain and nothing to lose… :grin: