AMD 7900XTX material opacity display error in new display mode

No matter how many values are set for the opaque material, the actual display is 0, leaving only the wireframe and PNG map not displayed. Switching to the original mode will not cause this problem, and updating to version 2024.0.553 will also have this problem. Severe AMD graphics card driver versions include 24.5.1, 24.4.1, 24.3.1, 23.12.1, PRO 24.q1.1

There are already a couple of other reports about the same problem on the forum. It seems to be a bug in the current Radeon display driver. You coukl try switching to the Classic render engine until AMD fixes it.

Thank you and for pointing to the possible “Classic Graphic Engine” fix - that worked. Hopefully between SketchUp and AMD, things will be soon improved.