AMD 5800x CPU Upgrade quandary

I built a Win 10 pc a couple of months back, at the worst possible time I know, to work on and enhance my interior/architectural models.

Being unable to buy an AMD 5900x, or 5950x, I purchased a 5800x which has been great but doesn’t seem to be any better than my original Intel 4790k with SketchUp 21.

I’m currently still using my Nvidia 780ti as I’m waiting out to buy an RTX 3090.

I’m using 32GB DDR4 3600 RAM.

Would I see any improvement purchasing a 5900x while I wait to upgrade my GFX card or is it the 780ti that’s holding the job up?

Thanks in advance.

If your models are large (like a million edges or more) it is the CPU that is holding you. Everything goes through the single CPU thread before it gets sent to the graphics card. The biggest performance enhancement is between using integrated graphics and installing a separate graphics card, almost any. The difference between a medium range nothing-to-write-home-about graphics card and the latest ultracool whizbang gaming monster card is mostly hardly noticeable. It is of course a different matter if you use a graphics card supporting photorealistic rendering engine to produce your rendered views.

Depends on what you are looking for. Rendering I would wait for the 3090.So far as SketchUp goes, it runs on a single thread as do all of these type of Apps do. Performance increase with the 5900X may not be noticeable.