Ambient Bird Sounds

Does anyone know of any good websites that allow you to download ambient bird sounds for videos. I am trying to throw some background bird sounds to a video but am striking out. I cannot find any sounds that are decent and longer than 15 seconds. Wondering if anyone has anything words of advice. Bird sounds would really improve the quality of my video.



There must be something here ?
Many are a minute or more long…
But they cost a few $ - under £5 for ~2mins…
The ‘free’ ones tend to be quite short !

Thanks TIG. I was able to login with and they have some free songs of ambient birds. They are free but I will find out the quality for export shorty.

You can listening and downloading some field recordings on this websites

I’d ask CBS Sports:

Haha that is too funny. Never though that they would stoop that low.

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