Alternative Means to finding the Selection Options in the Model Info Panel

There’s a few Selection functions tucked away within the Model Info Window…

Select All Dimensions
Select All Leader Text
Select All Screen Text

Is having to go through the Model Info Window the only mean available to access these selection tools?

I don’t see any options for creating kb shortcuts for them, And I don’t seem to find them listed within any of the right click context menus that I’ve tried.

In a way these selection options have a use that extends beyond what their context is within the Model Info Window… and I wonder if it’s a nice idea to bring them more to the foreground of the SU modeling experience.

maybe doubling access to them, by including them on the right click context menu for their respective type.

They seem deserving of a slight upgrade in terms of accessibility, and since merely linking to them in other ways seems like an easy programming task (given my limited understanding of this stuff). . . I figured I’d advocate for them this one time.

Maybe others agree, or possibly not??

If they are accessible elsewhere, I would love to know where that is.

Try ThomThom’s Selection Toys.

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