All of my models that shared a specific set of components have disappeared

I have discovered that several models I created two years ago no longer appear in my Trimble/Sketchup folder. I believe all of the missing models contained a common set of components that were not used in any other models, i.e. it appears the only models I still see are those that did not make use of these components. One of the models still appears on 3D-Warehouse. I wish I exported all of them there.

In practically every case where users have reported missing SketchUp models it has turned out that the user has used a different e-mail address. Make sure you are using the correct address.

I only see one account for you, so this time it may not be what Dave was suggesting.

Can you give a link to the one model in 3D Warehouse, it should be possible for my colleagues to search for the same model in Trimble Connect, to see where it has gone to.

It appears any model that was using parts I imported or created for use in models of propane flame effect designs as seen in this older model on 3D warehouse:


There was a standalone model of a new plumbing design, and another with that model copied into a duplicate of one my ring-lock tower designs, of which, there are many stored under my account.

I believe this older model on 3DW may have been created with a desktop version of Sketchup and later imported for use in other models in the free web version.

One last note, the models that are missing were created in early to mid 2019.

I checked with colleagues, and they suggest the best option is to contact Trimble Connects support here:

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