All local files corrupted including erasing skp. and corrupting skb. and auto backups

I have put about two day into this design and its due Monday. I was working on the design went to reopen it after a break and it deleted the skp. file from my local drive and corrupted all of my backups as well. I have to start from scratch and wont make time. is there any possible solution to this. I get a unexpected file format when trying to open skb. i also tried to make a copy and turn it to skp and nothing changes. I also can see my model in the icon itself. Lastly i did a data recovery and that file is corrupted as well.

Im desperate for help. I have had models corrupt on me before but not corrupt every file i work on for this particular project. This is actually concerning.Bain.skp (1.4 MB)

If you deleted something, it should be in the trash

I did not delete the file, sketchup deleted the file as soon as I opened it. It did not delete to the trash. As I said in post I tried to data recover it and that failed. The file disappeared.

Then, something is not right. SketchUp does not handle file actions the way you describe.

Do you mean there is nothing to see?

If the attached Bain.skp is the model under discussion then it’s not been “deleted” by SketchUp - you can see its icon and gave us the file…
However that file is “corrupted” - giving an “unknown file-type” error message when you try to open it in SketchUp.
This can occur because a number of reasons.
Looking at the header of the file it was pathed to the E: drive [E:\Materpiece Projects\2019\Garth\Bain\Bain.skp] - not the more usual [and recommended] C: drive - say your user’s Documents folder ?
If that is a network location, or perhaps a memory-stick etc, then you can get this kind of weirdness with failed/corrupted saves, due to time-lags on your system etc.
This might explain the SKP & SKB both being foobar.

Is there an AutoSave version ? Did you look in…
C:\Users\YOUR_WINDOWS10_USERNAME\AppData\Local\SketchUp\SketchUp 2019\SketchUp\working\SKETCHUP\RecoveredFiles
These AppData folders are hidden by default but the full path should open it in Windows Explorer…


Good Morning,

I created a copy of the skb file and turned it to a skp. file to upload it here. The original file has vanished. I also opened up the recovery location and there is nothing in that location.

As you mentioned i work off a ssd memory stick because i have to be mobile. I switch from labtop to pc often due to having to present these files to clients and also rendering assets are to massive to put on c drive.

and i do have an auto saved feature checked on and at 5 min intervals however i cant find the location under my documents folder. i have attached a few pics

Sorry Documents page7

extentions i use

I saw the file in my drive. double clicked to open it. once i opened it sketchup came up with file location could not be found. i shut down sketchup and went back to the drive and the file was gone

This is not meant to be insulting, sometimes the basics are overlooked: are you careful to eject the SSD drive before unplugging it from the computer? Simply yanking out an external drive of any sort can lead to corruption of its contents.

I am a stickler on that. i do eject the drives. However 40% of the time i completely shut down the computers then remove them. I actually dont know if that good or bad

That should be safe. The OS will flush caches to external disks during shutdown.

You should work from a local folder and only copy your model to the ssd stick after closing SketchUp. When files are open, applications tend to use the file location for all kinds of temporary operations that lead to file corruption if, for instance, the drive becomes temporarily full. Also, frequent autosaves will wear your ssd stick down faster.
If you insist on continuing the same workflow, you will suffer additional data loss in the future.

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Thank you Anssi for that tip. I am actually going to start implementing that immediately as i have already started redoing the model.

Anssi i do have a question regarding that, does it have to be the c: drive. I have three internal drives that i use. One Sata, one ssd and my c: thats a m2. im just asking for knowledge would it act as the same or not?

Try to see your computer as a real office:

Create a place on your desktop and ‘clean it up’ when done working on it.

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Thank you everyone for your guidance and help as it is much appreciated. I found the cause of what happened and wanted to share it since i learned the lesson the hard way. I installed a new plugin from simlabs that allowed me to import a .stl and a .stp file. Instead of shutting down sketchup i worked straight out of the model and edited the .stl files within my model instead of sending it to a new sketchup file and then importing it over. Which caused my SKB to autosave and corrupted that as well.

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