All Imported Images dissapear on save and reopen of Sketchup file

I have imported hundreds of .png images (only 3 different images used multiple times) and when I save and re-open the Sketchup file all of the previously imported and placed images are grey. To get the image back I have to go to each image individually and re-load the image. The original imported images are all in the same place they were when I saved the file.

Any idea why this is happening? Any ideas how to get the images back, or to re-load when I open the file?



if you only need 3 images, only import 3 images, then move copies where you want…

importing 100 images [even if all the same] will max out SU memory allocation pretty quickly…

100 copies using 1 image worth of memory + 100 positions V 100 images worth of memory + 100 positions…


Definitely, not imported separately. All multiple copies of 3 different imported images. Save file, close Sketchup, re-open Sketchup all locations where images were are now grey. All images have to be reloaded.

That is a big problem when there are hundreds of images.


how ‘big’ are the image files?

have you tried ‘Preferences’ >> ‘Open GL’ >> ‘Use Large Image Size’?


Between 19kb and 38kb ea.

Up ! I tryed everything and i still can’t fix this problem
If anyone have an idea about this, you are welcome !

What do you mean by “everything”?


I am going to ask you my favorite question. Can you post some screenshots or better yet, the model?