All extension reviews seem to have disappeared!



I just checked my extension and those of others, camera tools for instance and all reviews have disappeared and there is nowhere to write a review. What is happening?


I’ve heard the reviews are removed due to how full of spam they were. The last couple of months less than half of my reviews have been actual reviews. The rest have been spam for cheating services for students, ■■■■■ enlargements and god knows what.


Yup, saw that when I was looking at your WinDoor+ extension, to which I have a licence, a new release is available (3.5.1) and I have release 3.5.0 but SU2018Pro extension manager isn’t reporting a new version is available to update to.


There definitely is a version 3.5.1. I downloaded it and tested it this morning on my PC and on my Mac. It works fine on both which was not the case with version 3.5.0. It didn’t show its menus because the encrypted version was converting my title case file names to all lower case in a Ruby constant that should not have changed the case of file names. I overcame this by renaming all my files to lower case and resubmitting the extension so now it works. I should not have had to do this but seems that it does this to allow for file systems that can’t deal with case.
This is off topic however, which is of course, please can someone tell us what is going on with reviews?


That is true, but it would be nice to know what is actually happening and what is going to happen. Someone from SketchUp should have emailed the developers and their customers and let them know. That would just be polite.