Aligning Model to 0 axis

Looking to use several models from 3D warehouse for our third party software Mozaik. I have found that several of the models are designed on an open plane, and for me to properly use the image I believe I need to bring it to the 0,0,0 axis so that it lands in designs properly (ie: clothes on a hanger end up in the cabinet and not 10 feet behind the closet). Unfortunately, I can not figure out how to move the models to get it to 0,0,0, any suggestions would be very helpful.

If you are bringing the component in via the Components panel, you’ll have hold of it by the component’s origin. That’s the insertion point. Edit the component to move the origin to a sensible location so it can be easily placed.

Thank you for messaging so quickly! I am selecting the models straight from the 3d warehouse, after I download the model when I open the file Sketchup opens with the model in it, it appears they are not components as I just tested that option and it was prompting me to make the model a component. Should I do that and then follow the rest of the direction?

Yes. You should create a component. When you do that you can set the component’s axes in the correct location and then save the new component in a local collection so you can drag it into your models and place it easily.

If you were downloading objects from the Warehouse directly into a SketchUp session they would come in as components already.