Aligning camera to section view

Is there a ruby command to align camera to a section plane Like command “Align view”?
Or I need to find the plane, than the normal vector, than the up vector, than align the camera?

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You can select the section cut itself and align view.

Oops, sorry, didn’t realise this was a developer question. Just ignore me.

It’s a little bit trickier than it could have been.

You can get a plane from a Section Plane’s get_plane method. However the returned plane is defined by 4 coordinates and you need to manually get the plane normal out of them. Once you’ve got a normal vector you can set the camera target to the camera eye offset by that vector.

A section-plane [sp] has a plane [plane = sp.get_plane] and from that you can get its normal = plane[0..2].
So you can set a new camera using the n = normal.reverse as its direction of view…
Project an arbitrary point onto the ‘plane’ - this is now the ‘target’, offset it by ‘n’, to get the ‘eye’.
Use those to make and set the new camera then, zoom-extents to ensure you see everything…

The code could be something like this, given that a section plane is the only selected Entity in the model:

# Convert plane defined by 4 coordinate Array into one defined by Poin3d and Vector3d Array.
# Source:
def format_plane(plane)
  return plane if plane.length == 2
  a, b, c, d = plane
  v =,b,c)
  p = ORIGIN.offset(v.reverse, d)
  [p, v]

model = Sketchup.active_model
section_plane = model.selection.first
plane = section_plane.get_plane
plane = format_plane(plane)

cam =
cam.set(cam.eye, cam.eye.offset(plane[1]), Z_AXIS)

Thank you, now I’ve all the answers I needed.

  1. There is no direct soluction
  2. How to find the normal vector

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