Aligning camera to section view



Is there a ruby command to align camera to a section plane Like command “Align view”?
Or I need to find the plane, than the normal vector, than the up vector, than align the camera?


You can select the section cut itself and align view.

Oops, sorry, didn’t realise this was a developer question. Just ignore me.


It’s a little bit trickier than it could have been.

You can get a plane from a Section Plane’s get_plane method. However the returned plane is defined by 4 coordinates and you need to manually get the plane normal out of them. Once you’ve got a normal vector you can set the camera target to the camera eye offset by that vector.


A section-plane [sp] has a plane [plane = sp.get_plane] and from that you can get its normal = plane[0..2].
So you can set a new camera using the n = normal.reverse as its direction of view…
Project an arbitrary point onto the ‘plane’ - this is now the ‘target’, offset it by ‘n’, to get the ‘eye’.
Use those to make and set the new camera then, zoom-extents to ensure you see everything…


The code could be something like this, given that a section plane is the only selected Entity in the model:

# Convert plane defined by 4 coordinate Array into one defined by Poin3d and Vector3d Array.
# Source:
def format_plane(plane)
  return plane if plane.length == 2
  a, b, c, d = plane
  v =,b,c)
  p = ORIGIN.offset(v.reverse, d)
  [p, v]

model = Sketchup.active_model
section_plane = model.selection.first
plane = section_plane.get_plane
plane = format_plane(plane)

cam =
cam.set(cam.eye, cam.eye.offset(plane[1]), Z_AXIS)


Thank you, now I’ve all the answers I needed.

  1. There is no direct soluction
  2. How to find the normal vector

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