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Hi everybody

I am trying to align the view with Face A but for some reason when I select Face A then Align View nothing happens, although when I select Face B then Align View everything works as usual.

I am missing something obvious or doing something wrong?

Thanks as always.

Align View Query.skp (2.5 MB)

It works as expected for me.

Thanks, but how bizzare?

Align View GIF

That’s the worst type of issue to resolve.


Is it a Surface instead of a face? (multiple faces with the edges smoothed)


Thanks’ - maybe that has something to do with it?

I created the wall profile from a point cloud and initially welded all the edges together but it looked strange when I extruded it, so I undid the weld. Maybe it still did something strange to the lines?

Look at it closely with the Show Hidden geometry option on. Align view might require a single face to work correctly. Not at SketchUp right now so cannot check.

There is one bit of hidden geometry, but it doesn’t seem to be effecting anything.
GIF 18-03-2022 10-40-59 PM

Good spot!

If I delete the hidden geometry, align view works :+1:

Still strange that you need to delete it and I don’t.

Because of the hidden geometry enabled in your model you are selecting a face, but if the hidden geometry not enabled you can select surface “only”. For surface the align view will not work, I guess.

Makes no difference for me I’m afraid.
On or off it works, I cannot replicate what Kevin shows.
GIF 18-03-2022 11-09-08 PM

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:thinking: Then its really strange. You should have some special things there…

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I wonder if resetting the workspace would do any good?

Mine works perfectly now - it seemed to have something to do with hidden geometry or maybe it was just one of those infamous gremlins :smiley:

Align View

Did you fix the wall so you could remove the softened edge?

I just turned on hidden geometry and saw a vertical line on the problem face line which I deleted. Then everything was fine. Prior to that I had welded the wall profile prior to applying a 100mm offset and extruding it which looked strange (like the wall had been softened) so I undid the weld and the wall looked correct but then I had the align view issue?

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