Align Sides of a Polygon with Red/Green Axes

Is there a way to cause a side of a polygon to align with the red or green axis? I’ve found workarounds that seem to get me very close, but I thought that this must already be built in to the tool. I searched and found several polygon YouTube videos and an article or two. One of them said that holding down the SHIFT key would cause alignment of sides to the red or green axis. I can’t get that to work.

I would appreciate any guidance,

When first creating a polygon, or line or any shape you can use inferencing to create on axis, or use the arrow keys to force alignment with an axis, shift locks the current alignment while creating. Once an entity is created you will need to rotate it to align it with an axis. Use the rotate tool or if the object is a group or component you can use the rotate handles on the bounding box with the move tool. When rotating, watch for dotted line to turn axis colors, and for tooltips indicating on axis.


Once you have drawn your polygon you can use the Rotate tool to align a chosen edge with an axis.

Are you perhaps referring to the use of ctrl to change the position of the vertices.