ALERT error in 2015

I’m experiencing a problem with the ALERT function in the 2015 version. When first setting up an ALERT , ONCLICK attribute, the default message displays correctly, and you can delete a letter to make “message” become “messge”. However, if you type in extra text, it produces an ‘Error in Formula’ text attached to the front of your ALERT text. Odd, and not a good look for the final product. Anyone experiencing the same or know of a remedy?

can’t produce the same, works okay in 2015 for me (windows 8)

try a variable and see if that works,

onclick Alert(mess),

mess ="This is " & model

model = “valve”

By using an incorrect formula in the alert() I was able to get the same error.

I was having the same problem. It turned out that my Mac was helpfully converting the straight double-quote (or inch symbol) into typographic quotes. So, I thought I was typing
Alert(“Hello, world!”)
but I was actually typing
Alert(“Hello, world!”)

On a Mac, the setting to change this behavior is in your System Preferences under Keyboard, Text.


I’m having the same problem. Just downloaded SketchUp 2021, trying to figure out dynamic components. Changing the alert message in any way will get a popup saying ERROR IN FORMULA: “Message". This will happen even just capitalizing “Message” (and will continue to happen after then reverting back to “message”).

I could use a little help with dynamic components. But if bugs like these are not getting fixed after nearly 5 years, I worry that SketchUp’s newest features will be just as ridiculously unintuitive as anything made by Autodesk.