Ajusting a surface within a container

Hi, I am trying to fit a rectangle into a parallelepipedon, but I am finding extremely difficult to create the fit by just using the move tool because it always ends up cutting one or another of the sides
like in the picture: macetas en el patio peque.skp (80.3 KB)
What’s the correct way to deal with this so that the brown rectangle fits smoothly within the solid at just a few cm below from the top edge?

In the GIF, I selected the move tool, snapped to the corner of the lid, then moved to the corresponding corner of the box. Then I moved it again, pressing the up arrow key ↑ to lock movement in the z-axis (blue). Finally, I typed 0.1 to set an exact height to move down from the top of the box.


It actually still cuts all the sides as its the same size as the box. The box walls have no thickness and the lid has no clearance around it.

ok, I see, I should draw thicker box walls and make the rectangle somewhat smaller

You don’t have to model the clearance. If you draw thicker walls you won’t see that the lid cuts the inside surface of the box.

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