Airplane fuselage panel lines


I’m trying to put some markings on my model like here:

My problem is that when I try to cut lines into the fuselage (for the lightning bolt and the hinomaru, the Japanese red circle), the latest lines erase the last ones. For instance, after painstakingly getting the lightning bolt where I wanted it, I tried to cut the hinomaru. It made the lightning bolt disappear.

What might I do differently?

Oscar v0532.skp (1.1 MB)


if you intersect the hinomaru with the fuselage you should get that line. you would then select the line - cut it, then open the fuselage component and paste in place?

Oscar v0532b.skp (1.1 MB)


Ahhhh…that’s a good suggestion instead of what I was doing, which was to fuse both fuselage and hinomaru in the intersection process and then erase all of the extra lines. Your approach sounds even simpler and easier. Here I go to give it a try. Thank you!


Sounds like you are really making life hard for yourself.
Just select the face of the fuselage and use Intersect with Model. Then delete the cylinder group.


Excellent! An even easier solution! Thank you! :grinning:


The tutorial you are following used a Plugin called tools on surface, it allows you to offset the panel lines it can be very handy.