After selecting items then choosing follow me tool, the items get deselected


Fairly new to Sketchup and was following a tutorial on making a staircase (SketchUp Show Lesson # 38.)

I was doing fine until the part where I tried using the Follow Me Tool. As the video instructed,
I had made the rails, backed out leaving the rectangle, made the perpendicular and diagonal lines for the railings,
selected them as shown. When I chose the Follow Me tool, the lines got deselected.
I’ve read and watched the video on the Follow Me tool, but obviously I’m missing something in the steps in order to duplicate what the tutorial was doing.
Can someone please give me some specific steps to make sure the selected items remain selected so that the Follow Me tool will work properly? Thanks


This is the normal behaviour, you can click on the face with the tool nevertheless.


When preselecting a path for Follow Me, the command puts the path into its memory and then expects you to select a face. See the prompt at the bottom of your SketchUp window. It says “Select face to extrude”.