After all this time the most simple Icon still missing in STANDARD VIEW icon for Mac?

On a Mac the icons for Standard Views in your top header tool bar…has the following 6 icons: ISO -TOP - LEFT SIDE-RIGHT SIDE-FRONT-BACK…thats great helps…but where’s the BOTTOM???. When you pull down from list under CAMERA > Standard Views…low and behold there is A BOTTOM VIEW… I would love to hear why from the team is that this could never have been added to the Customise Icon set making 7 to match the pull down.

I wonder does a PC version have this icon and is it just that a Mac, for goodness sake how hard would have it been to have drawn a simple square to have added it to the Icon bar. This is the very thing of my previous argument 2019 could have so many bug fixes like this very user friendly improvement.

This is a place of civil discussion. Please click the edit (:pencil2: ) button and remove the first phrase. I doubt you would get people spend their spare time to give you a helpful reply if that even was your intention.



I think many of us Mac folk feel a bit neglected and wish for the Mac UI to get some love, including the ability for more detailed customization of the toolbar and custom tool pallets, but I suspect we all wish for different things. I rarely have a need to see the bottom of my model and if I do I don’t find it that hard to orbit there. But if you regularly need to you might consider setting up a keyboard shortcut in preferences.

I also have standard views of my own built into my default template as preset scenes, you could do that as well.