Aerilius Attribute Inspector not working in 2024

Is anyone else experiencing a blank Attribute Inspector on SU2024? or know if this plugin is now unsupported? Any alternatives? I am hoping to copy some option lists across multiple DC’s

No not I. I have version 3.0.3 and it appears to work for me.

It does not have a specfic copy command to copy attributes or values across multiple definitions.

But you can copy the option list manually by selecting the value for such attribute(s) and doing a manual copy and paste, … and paste … and paste, … etc.

hmmm. I downloaded 3.0.4 which seems to be the latest. Not sure if that’s the issue.

I was under the impression that it was achievable with the inspector. Back to pasting …and pasting …and pasting etc :wink:

Do you have a link to v3.0.4 ? I cannot find it.

Okay, I agree. Version 3.0.4 has blank empty app <div> for its HTML page. Ie …

    <div id="app"></div>
    <script src="../js/main.js"></script>

For some unknown reason the <div> is not loading the content.


The JS console in Chrome DevTools: