Advice/opinion re degree of accuracy

I was taught in archi school to never design anything that didn’t adhere to a 4" module lol
until recently I had my pro settings at 1/16" tolerance. mostly good except on occasions when I projected the edge of a plane out a few feet.
dimensioning of course makes one look like an idiot to a contractor … I mean who builds to 1/16" tolerance.
So I recently reset my tolerances to 1/4". but now some of my plane edges don’t close? Most recently the end of a 2x6 wall.
My plan contains a long side at 14 deg to the rest and while all interior partitions are at 90 deg or 14 deg to exterior walls I am finding that some planes do not “close”.
Would it be better to set tolerances at 1/16" while designing and switch to 1/4" in layout for dimensioning purposes? I’m working on drawings for a small house not a Zaha building haha. Thoughts or specific advice anyone? Tx, Rich

I should have stated that I am using 2019 pro

In my work I set SU to 1/16" precision and LO dimensions to 1", 1/4" or 1/8" precision depending on the trade.

Another facet of precision is tolerances, normally in the general notes or specifications will be mention of tolerances. This is where you can indicate +/-, +/0 or 0/- allowable ranges from the indicated drawing dimensions.

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Thank you. That makes sense. Rich

You are welcome.

From my experiences most contractors can’t read a tape anyway. :rofl:

Your preference settings for units and precision don’t matter to SketchUp’s accuracy. They are just meant for displaying how you see your dimensions.
Maybe only length snapping can sometimes bother when modelling, so best is to turn length snapping off.
Same thing applies to degree precision and snapping to degrees.

The problem with length snapping is that it is not grid snapping, so when you start an edge or a rectangle by clicking on your screen, the point clicked is arbitrary.

Thank you Dave. Yes I have snapping turned on. I certainly don’t expect any constructor including myself to build to 1/16" precision but I do expect to draw that accurately, so when I draw a line and tell the machine to draw it a certain length I expect it to turn out a specific length. Certain paneling has been compressed to 1/16 inch tolerance and SIPS are manufactured that way. It will be a bummer if “creep” has occurred in my drawing even before I build my floor platform. I learned my lesson and have reset tolerances to 1/16". when I send my drawings to LO I will drop back to 1/4" which is afterall made up of sixteenths :slight_smile: Tx for your response. Rich