Advice on new laptop

Considering the purchase of a new laptop to replace my 6 y.o. lenovo think pad…for use with SU and LO. any recommendations? Considering a Mac.

Good processor (on single-core performance). As much as possible RAM, NVidia RTX 3xxx graphics card.


The screen on a mac is nicer to look at.
Layout runs significantly better on a PC imo.
If you get a new mac from the apple store and a windows laptop from the dell outlet online, both of those options are fully returnable. So you can test out your options. That’s an exciting purchase, good luck!

I am also in the market for a new laptop. I know what to look for and found this one:

Just want to make sure I didn’t overlook something…

It looks generally good. My computers cope OK with the 16 GB RAM they have, and 16 GB seems to be the current standard for computers for consumers, but perhaps some more, like 32 GB, would add some future proofing, if you have a choice.

Thanks. Not a lot of choice in the 32Gb range. Also above my budget.
It will be a huge step forward nontheless from my current Intel i3 with intergrated UHD graphics…