Adventure mode -- doesn't work


I can’t seem to get sketchUp’s Adventure Mode to work right on my computer (mac…yosemite)

are there any tutorials / instructions out there to help?

; )


Have you tried turning it off and on again?



yep… working now.

found this:
move tool then :point_up_2: :point_up_2: :point_down: :point_down: :point_left: :point_right: :point_left: :point_right: B A <return>

…for 100 steves!


One four all and all for fun?


As it hapened I’m working on a tutorial with all the details.
pm you tomorrow, it’s quite some work to get it right.


what’s that from?

(ie - i don’t get it :slight_smile: )


I thought Adventure Mode was an April Fool’s Day joke. Or is my leg still getting pulled?


still getting pulled :wink:

this thread was started on April 1