Advancing In SketchUp

Those are custom shortcuts he shows and you can add them, too.

I would advise against using X for a keyboard shortcut, at least if you aren’t using an extended keyboard. By default, X is set up for linear and radial arrays. * also works but requires the Shift key if you don’t have the number pad.

A way to get around is to type the number first, eg. 7X instead of X7.

Endorse Simon’s comments also

I have Shift-I for Paste in Place but I would have designated that myself because more obvious keys are in use for more important things. I would guess you can do anything on a Mac in this respect as you can in Windows. My Mac doesn’t slow me down.

I set ctrl-v as paste in place on my Mac because cmd-v is regular paste instead of ctrl-v used on Windows. Not much mental bandwidth needed to remember it :grin:

Alt+V for Paste in place for me on my PC for the same reason.

Downloading realistic seamless textures increases the realism of your model. I like Also, Twilight render V2 is an easy-to-learn free renderer for adding lights, reflections, and bumps to surfaces.

Will try textures, learning Podium for Lighting etc

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Take a look at this guy’s work: Visualizing Architecture. Alex Hogrefe is a master of Photoshop renderings of Sketchup scenes.

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Also, I find that 1001Bit Tools is a great help for architectural design work.