Advanced Search Gone?!?!?


What happened to the ‘Advanced Search’ feature? (Little arrow on the right side of the search bar). It is no longer available. Why has it been removed?

Personally, I loved using this feature so I can see what new models were uploaded. As many of you know, some folks don’t properly name their models, so searching by date was the best way for me to find new/cool models.

Please bring this feature back!


Ha! Glad you noticed! Type something: we’ve added suggestions… if you don’t like the suggestions based on our data, advanced search will be at the bottom.


Wow! That’s GREAT! Thanks for pointing it out. Though it’s a bit hidden, I’m glad the advanced search feature is still present. Thanks again to the Sketchup team for all their hard work!
– Patrick


Stay tuned! It will only get easier and better to use. Thanks for the feedback.