Advance Attributes

i am modeling a bamboo house and i can use entity info very properly to generate report. but while entering data on advance attributes i know price(300 rupees) and size(12 feet) for bamboo but i could not understand what does this status and owner means. can anybody help what status and owner means for my bamboo house. i am very new to this forum.

You can simply and freely type any desired information onto this boxes. The only differences, that these (status or owner) are instance values. If you change these, the change applies only to that specific component instance, not all components with that definition.
If you change the Price, Size, URL, and Type attributes, which are part of the component definition, its values will changes on all instances of the component.

Personally I have not used it, but I am thinking of it as an example:
If you have “beam” component and that can be part of one “window” but also can be part one of the “door” you can type to owner box e.g.: “window” and to the other instance: “door”.
The Status can be like “To be revised” or “Final”… etc.

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Thank you dezmo for clarification. now i can prepare more detail on report through status and owner

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Owner and Status derives from the constructible proces originally. The Owner is the one who’s responsible for the task, status could be anything defined in the proces of the project. There is a nifty extension in the Trimble Connect Viewer (huh, web browser extensions?) to review real status’s per date for instance or animate the timeline:

Alas, it doesn’t communicate directly in SketchUp as it does in Tekla.