Adjusting Opacity of a Complex Component

I imported a vehicle component from the 3D warehouse. Is there anyway to reduce the opacity of the entire component?

You would need to adjust the opacity of the various materials used in the component. You can do that in the Materials edit window. If you only need the vehicle to show as transparent for an image or two, you could make it transparent in post processing pretty easily by exporting an image of the vehicle and an image of the scene without the vehicle and then combining them in an image editor.

Got it! Thanks, Dave. Also, my pineapple post cap turned out perfect. Thanks for the help.

Excellent! And you’re welcome.

BTW, you might want to come back to the forum directly and edit your last post to get rid of your address and phone numbers. Who knows who might start pestering you? I think it’s also against forum rules to post that info.

Thanks. I guess I forgot to do that before I replied.

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