Adjusting axis and dae files

Whenever I adjust the axis of an object, save it, then export it as a dae file, the axis changes are not saved in the dae file. Anyone know what step I am missing?

How do you adjust your ‘object’ ?
Is it a component?

i use the axis tool to re-place the axis. i started with a ,skp file and then made the axis adjustments, then exported as a .dae file.

What is in the file? You can upload with drag and drop on the forum to upload it

Components in the file have their own origin and axis, which you can adjust with the ‘change axis’ context menu with right click

Tomahawk Cruise Missile_2.skp (472.7 KB)

here is the .skp file… thank you


here is the dae file

Tomahawk Cruise Missile_2.dae (231.3 KB)

mm, I am actually a pacifist :slight_smile:
look what happens: the Tomahawk has it’s origin way out of the geometry…

change the axe with right click :


save component as (rightclick> save as) and export the file

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