Adjustable rectangular component

Hi All,
Not sure if this is possible to do in SketchUp, so reaching out to all the power users.
While working with a HoloLens, I see that the camera starts at the centroid of the model that’s loaded into it.
Does anyone know of a way to set up a component who’s edges can be dragged around a model in order to envelop the model? This way, if we need to move the camera location, we can drag an edge and make the box longer so that the camera location is the center of the edges of the box.

Untrue. The camera location is saved with the current model view, and this is restored upon next load.

The camera can be made to target anything or any point in 3D space, it need not be the model’s centroid.

Models and all model entities have an invisible Bounding Box.
It center property can be used as a target for the camera (and often is in many camera plugins.)

You can also use the Zoom Extents command (CTRL+SHIFT+E.)

Dan, thanks for the response.

Specifically, when I am referring to the camera opening location, it’s when a SketchUp model is loaded onto a HoloLens that the opening view in the HoloLens at a scale of 1:1, opens at what appears to be the center of the loaded geometry. I tested this by moving the default camera to an area off to the side of the model, saving it in the new orientation/view, then loading it onto the HoloLens and opening the file. When the model opened, the view was no where near where the camera was saved in SketchUp.

So basically what I would like to try and do, is set up a sort of parametric component that would allow me to stretch it so that I can offset the opening location of the camera. It looks like creating an empty bounding box might do the trick as mentioned on the page you sent. I’ll have to test it and see if the plugin for SketchUp is able to read it.

Okay, gotcha!

This was likely the result of many “newbs” not properly centering and zooming their models.

Any component can be stretched using either the MoveTool or the ScaleTool. You do not need a DC or anything fancy.

Just draw a cube and group it (or make it a component.) Then use the ScaleTool on it from outside, or double-click and enter it’s context and use the MoveTool on it vertices or edges.

No. Bounding Boxes are virtual “helper” objects used by scripting. They cannot be saved into the model’s geometric database.