Additional tray (called "outliner") not showing up on second computer

I have three computers that dump all the files into dropbox. I have set up one Master file (Parent file) called Clean File 2021. When I open that file on computer A (the computer in which I created the “Clean File 2021”, I set up a Default Tray (SketchUp named original Tray) and an additional Tray called “Outliner Tray”. I parked the Default Tray in the upper right hand side of the drawing, the Outliner Tray in the upper left hand side of the drawing. I “believe” I closed that drawing. When I opened the Clean File 2021 on computer B, only the Default tray appeared in the upper right had side of the drawing. I checked the Window drop down menu to see if it showed up there and no, it did not. I have a third shop computer that will have to be synced to Computer A. What am I not doing correctly?


Trays are not part of the model file. That’s more like a SketchUp Preferences thing like toolbar locations. If you want your custom tray to show in SketchUp on whichever computer you’re using, you need to create that custom tray on each SketchUp installation.

Expecting something that won’t and isn’t supposed to happen.

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User interface settings are not controlled by models (.skp files) they are controlled by .json files that reside in the user AppData.

This will in all likelyhood eventually lead to loss of files. You should only work on files on the local computer then manually move them to dropbox.


Very good thanks!

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