Additional training

I am looking to get additional training in Lumion, CAD, and sketchup. I would prefer in person training. I have a decent knowledge base for what I use the programs for, but I know they are capable of so much more. If anyone knows of training available for any of these programs, please let me know.

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Have you already gone through the Campus?

Yes, I was hoping for something in person and more advanced.

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Sorry, I should have been more clear, by “gone through”, I actually meant “completed” all the courses.

I have started going back and completing them all myself, and while a lot of it has been a review so far, I’ve learned some of the finer details of how the base tools work and have gotten a better more rounded understanding of how to use them. It’s been a great experience.

As to your original post, elaborate a bit for us:
What is it exactly that you want to learn about, and what do you mean by,