Additional fields in "Cost Detail Report"?


Do I get it right, that there is no possibility to change or add fields to the „Cost Detail Report“ in the quantifier? Can I only do it in the „Component Report“?
We would like to get a report of the summed values for different profiles and components…not on the base of the whole model, but differentiated in the groups in first container.
Of course I could do it all in the „Component Report“, but there is another unsolved problem…….this report doesn´t sum up all lenghts of similar profiles and components in one line/field.
Especially when I have one sort of profile, wich is also used as a component with a fixed length, the „Component Report“ lists them as separate lines/fields in the report.
Thanks for help…Pablo


To clarify the “Cost Detail Report” is in reference to the extension “Profile Builder 2” and this question can be directed @Whaat

You are currently using 2014? is there any possibility of upgrading to 2018, as there is more functionality with the native "Generate Report"
Another possibility is to filter the “offline” report data within a spreadsheet using a script


Hello Pablo,
You are correct that there is no way to change or add fields to the Profile Builder 2 cost detail report.

For your situation, would it work for you to export the component report to Excel (export CSV or copy / paste the rows) and then create a Pivot Table to calculate the needed summations?

If you are not familiar with Pivot Tables, they are an extremely powerful tool and worth investing the time to learn about.

Hope this helps!


Thanks pcmoor and Whaat,

yes we know about pivot tables and will partly use them for our calculations :wink:

The issue about not being able to “manipulate” the data being collected by the “CostDetailReport” was easy to solve, just by feeding the CostData with more information in extra-rows (so now I have f.e. a field that informs me about weight and wich is exported correctly) :smiley:

Thank you both for your always helping support and quick answers on my questions!!!


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