Adding to the middle of a Model


I have built a model and had it 3-D printed and it the test showed that it needed 3 inches added in the middle. I really do not want to draw the entire model again to just add 3 inches in the middle. Can someone help me???


There are various tools that can help you add the 3 inches you are needing easily. But we will need to see the model (upload with the 7th button) or at least some screenshots to help you. Is the bottom of your object flat?


Extension for Wind Sensor-3.skp (222.1 KB)
Extension for Wind Sensor-3.skp (222.1 KB)
Hope this works.
I need to add 3 inches on the wide part immediately after the curve.


got the file, trying to understand what you want to change, Like so?

Extension for Wind Sensor-4.skp (224.1 KB)


Sorry NO the 11 inches needs to be 14 inches. Wish it was easy for me to do stuff. I use it occasionally. I always purchase the Pro Version (Pretty expensive for what I do with it) so that I have all of the functions available.
Thanks for helping me.


Create a cutting plane, and run the intersect faces command,

that will create a sub-section which you can actually select.

then run the move tool, to reposition the selection.


I would think the same approach would work without even adding the intersected plane. Just do a selection rectangle (left to right) in view #2 that includes the holes and the 4" right hand end, and then you can move it all 3", yes?



Absolutely, I’m sure that is true in this case.

I figured I’d scale up the idea some for possible future use.

Also, the intersection lines will have to be deleted to avoid the extraneous edges at 3d print time. So a couple of extra steps are needed here, compared to what you’ve pointed out.


I have created a Rectangle and manged to insert it through the Model where I need to add the 3 inches. However when I try to select the part I need to move It selects parts I do not want selected, and as a result it distorts the model. Obviously I do not understand the instructions. Intersect faces is a command that I do not understand maybe that is my problem.


For what you need right now… go with what @rtcool is showing you…

later on when you have to make a more precise section cut… the cutting plane and intersect faces command (which I show) will allow you to do that.

Intersect faces is found on the right click context menu, you’ll only see it if you have previously selected the cutting plane you want to use.

What I don’t show is that I typically turn my cutting planes into a group (to isolate them from the rest of the model)… and of course paint them transparent so that they stand out, and can be easily looked through.


Thank you so very much I have managed to get what I need. As I said i use it only occasionally which makes learning very difficult and of course retention is also more difficult.

I truly do appreciate your help



Glad that’s sorted. Good methods presented here, also, If you want to leave the holes in place, then just move the end plates. Then type 3".


Thanks. I tried that first and all I could move was the lower layer. It said I can’t move a curved surface.

I have so much to learn and my requirements are infrequent. Makes it difficult to learn.

Thanks for helping me.



I was using the move tool. Not push pull which only works on planes. Yes, the more you do it the better you will get. No problem, good luck.


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