Adding Text to a 3d object programatically from an imported wavefront obj file

Hi, I am not sure this is the right place, but I though I would ask, let me know if I need to move this to some other category or something.

So what I am doing: I have a C# app, generating some 3d objects, in the wavefront obj format. The final target is to have these objects imported in Sketchup at one point. I am now looking at Quad Face tools, and it seems like it is good enough.

The wavefront obj seems like exactly what I want. Simple enough to generate the 3d object from code. There is only one thing that I would like to have and I am missing right now. That is the “Text” thing that Sketchup has. You know the comment type text that is floating around your object with an arrow. I was wondering, if you guys could give me any ideas how could I do something with this. Basically If I will have 100 boxes imported, I would like to have each of them a short text next to them, maybe in a separate layer so I can turn it off/on when I want.

Thank you

Yes this can be done with the SketchUp Ruby API and probably also the C API.