Adding parts

How do I add separate components to a tram body as I need to add drivers cabs but every time I start they end up a funny shape and not what I intended. I also have jerky movement when moving parts together so is this a video card or processing problrm?

How about more specifics? There’s no definite answer to your question with no more information than you’ve provided. Upload the .skp file and at least some pictures of what you are trying to add.

Most likely this is a graphics card problem but it’s hard to tell without seeing your .skp file. Your profile indicates you have an Intel graphics card of some sort but isn’t very specific. Integrated GPUs aren’t recommended for SketchUp.

Since this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with LayOut, I’ll move your thread.

CPU is IntelG645 @ 2.90GHz and I cannot find out which graphics card is fitted but it runs Windows 7

Why not? You can right click on the computer icon (usually near the upper left corner of the desktop, click Properties and you should be able to see it listed.

Graphics card is an Intel HD Graphics

That part you had included in your profile. Just not the model number. In any case, Intel HD graphics indicates an integrated GPU which, as I already wrote, is not recommended for SketchUp. You might see some improvement if you update the graphics drivers to the most current for that card. Do that directly from Intel. And there may be things you can do in your modeling to help make up for a feeble graphics card.